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Welcome to My New Online Outpost

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Welcome to my new online outpost.

Here, you can find my latest thinking on creativity, the craft of writing and storytelling.

It’s my best effort to put forward a unified, comprehensive online presence—a task I’ve struggled for years to negotiate. As I studied the work of people such as John Saddington and others, I continued to refine the idea of what I wanted to see in pixels. I knew I wanted a landing page. But I also wanted a way to share my recent work and blog, too.

It’s a project that’s unfolded in spurts, like water coming out of a garden hose after a long winter.

In a digital age, it’s more important than ever for us to promote and bolster our presence online. But journalists and writers sometimes struggle to do so. Services such as Contently bridge the gap, but they don’t always feature the most customizable portfolio options.

Over the years, I’ve used templates from services such as Squarespace and Virb, and hosted a test project called In Medias Res last year on a WordPress site, while keeping my professional site as a journalist and a writer separate.

But last year, I knew I need to make a change. So I reached out to the good guys at Eden Creative, a new branding and design company that’s flourishing. Two years ago, when I was fumbling around with an old version of my site, they generously offered to help me troubleshoot my problems. That connection and generosity created a relationship. I knew I wanted to work with them again.

Seth and Zach took time to understand my needs, and helped me come up with a clean, custom solution.

Here’s what I like about the final product they delivered.

  • It’s minimalistic: Using the smartest design trends from sites such as Medium, they created a sleak presentation that focuses on featuring my content.
  • It’s social: You can share my work, or connect with me on your social media channel of choice. And you can subscribe to my e-mail list, and receive insider content.
  • It’s scaleable: This is a space I hope will continue to morph, shift and grow in the months to come (coming soon: two free e-books for you!) I’ll use your feedback to inform those changes—to both content and design— along the way.

Have a look around, and let me know what you think.

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