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A New Way to Blog

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For far too long, this space has become a kind of barren digital parking lot. The concrete is weathered, and weeds poke through its craggy surface. The paint is peeling on the nearest building. Why? It’s fallen into disrepair for two reasons.
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Writerly Wednesday: An Interview with Jeff Goins on The Art of Work

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Editor’s Note: Talking shop with writers is one of my favorite things.  On Wednesdays, in this space,  I’ll post a short conversation with a writer whose work I admire. Leading off the bench is Jeff Goins, a Nashville-based writer.  Jeff Goins personifies what it means to live the “Portfolio Life,”  his oft-used phrase.  He’s a blogger, writer, podcaster and speaker, wrangles his own WordPress theme and teaches the online writing course, Tribe Writers. Goins’ latest book, The Art of Work,  debuted yesterday as a No. 1 Amazon Bestseller. In this inaugural edition of Writerly Wednesday, Goins talks about finding your calling in a new world of work, how Serial influenced his writing and who he thinks would win in a game of Scrabble: Ernest Hemingway or Malcolm Gladwell.
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A Simple Trick To Get Your Writing Unstuck

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We all get stuck. In writing and life, it’s easy to get hung up on a decision— finding the right word, the right job, the right opportunity.
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How to Make It In A Gig Economy

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Mark Twain once said, “Write without pay until somebody offers to pay you. If nobody offers within three years, sawing wood is what you were intended for.”
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The Best Blog on Writing That You’ve Probably Never Read Before

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You write. And you probably read a lot of blogs about writing.
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