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Why I Don’t Want to Be A Thought Leader

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Because I believe there are problems in the world that are so nuanced they can’t be solved with acronyms.
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Why You Might Not Want to Call Your Craft ‘Art’ (Yet)

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Is the product of your craft really art? For a certain class of the creative cognoscenti, it’s become de rigueur to call your craft “art.” We write a blog or e-book, ship it, and call it our “art.” But are we patting ourselves on the back when no pat is deserved?
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Welcome to My New Online Outpost

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Welcome to my new online outpost. Here, you can find my latest thinking on creativity, the craft of writing and storytelling. It’s my best effort to put forward a unified, comprehensive online presence—a task I’ve struggled for years to negotiate. As I studied the work of people such as John Saddington and others, I continued to refine the idea of what I wanted to see in pixels. I knew I wanted a landing page. But I also wanted a way to share my recent work and blog, too.
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