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Writerly Wednesday: An Interview with Jeff Goins on The Art of Work

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Editor’s Note: Talking shop with writers is one of my favorite things.  On Wednesdays, in this space,  I’ll post a short conversation with a writer whose work I admire. Leading off the bench is Jeff Goins, a Nashville-based writer.  Jeff Goins personifies what it means to live the “Portfolio Life,”  his oft-used phrase.  He’s a blogger, writer, podcaster and speaker, wrangles his own WordPress theme and teaches the online writing course, Tribe Writers. Goins’ latest book, The Art of Work,  debuted yesterday as a No. 1 Amazon Bestseller. In this inaugural edition of Writerly Wednesday, Goins talks about finding your calling in a new world of work, how Serial influenced his writing and who he thinks would win in a game of Scrabble: Ernest Hemingway or Malcolm Gladwell.
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A Prayer For the City

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A rich, engaging and heartbreaking portrayal of a city trying to get back on its feet. It’s my book No. 11 for #Read26Indy, and the best non-fiction book I’ve read this year. Published via Pressgram
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